Uniquely and Wonderfully Crafted

Our bodies go through a cycle of cellular regeneration every 30 to 60 days, which is why skin therapies are recommended as an on-going practice, every four to six weeks. Each of us is packaged with intricate parts that interconnect like no other on this earth. This is the backbone of all my skin services, products and yoga classes; inspiring peace, love, health and beauty so your unique glow can radiate through healthy skin. We're going to age, why not age beautifully.

For Progress, Stick With It!

Imagine how hard and long it takes to increase muscle tone or decrease weight. Your skin is your body; it took time getting into the condition it currently is. A one hour facial is not going to make a big change, (though you will be glowing!) just like one hour of cross-training exercise is not going to change your body. Short of surgery, one hour can bring you closer to your skin fit goals as your body is "re-trained." Six (6) is a great number for expectations; six weeks, six treatments, six months, six steps-- Do not expect an aggressive treatment to fix something that took time to get where it is. Be patient, progress will come. Stick with it!

3 Steps To Maintaining Your Facial Investment

  1. COMMIT ! You must be fully committed to daily maintenance and the use of professional products.
  2. HOME-CARE ! There are literally thousands, if not millions of skincare products to choose from. Cutesy names, celebrity endorsed, marketing terms such as natural or organic... the list to rope you in goes on. THE BEST products are the ones your Esthetician recommends as she is the one scrutinizing your skin under a magnifying lamp or skin scope and --by the way, has parts of her brain at her fingertips-- trained to detect possibilites for improvement.
  3. SCHEDULE ! Regularly scheduled treatments are your best source for skin fitness. Every four weeks is ideal, however six or eight, depending on your skin, will keep it functioning beautifully.

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Without water, there is no life.  Thinking back to the four hour drive from California to Las Vegas to attend the annual Esthetic Conference the fastest route was through the Mojave desert, with it's miles and miles of dry weathered trees and cacti dotting the vast flatland. On occasion a rambunctious tumbleweed would bounce past us as we zoomed Highway 15. Here in New York it's quite different. Our brittle, thirsting trees are receiving a wealth of water mixed with sun kisses as winter fades, greenery emerges and flowers push to bloom.  If your skin is feeling that post winter parch, now is the ideal time to slough away the dryness with a professional treatment to hydrate and restore your skin from the outside in with new life and kissable softness.


Keepin' It Simply Sweet (KISS)

Graduations, weddings, proms, barbecues etc. clutter our calendar as we sponge up the short-lived spring-summer season.  More skin to bare, less time to care!  

  • Keep your body soft and protected with a moisturizing SPF 30 for all over protection and a tinted version for the face.
  • Commit to an outdoor walk to increase energy paired with a dose of vitamin D sunshine and breathe vitality into your day.
  • Allow hair to dry naturally with a little hair oil or mousse then fine tune with a styling tool or skip the styling and depending on length, top with a colorful headband or pulled back pony.
  • Schedule a session at the spa for a waxing for less shaving, then preschedule for 3-4 weeks later.
  • Enjoy a refreshing facial to deep clean and hydrate pores allowing skin to glow with less makeup.
  • Keep cut up oranges and strawberries in a pitcher of water and ice to re-hydrate while consuming vitamin C, a natural sun protectant.  

This is the "fun" season!  Make it sweet by giving yourself more in less time by simplifying in small ways.