Global Chaos, Inner Peace

We can't hug, shake hands or flash a visible smile ...yet we need to keep our hearts from turning sideways during a global crisis.  If there's any time to stop, take a breath, give our "self" a hug and calm our soul, it's now.  Please do that.  (Wrap your arms around you and squeeze. I'm not kidding, do it!)  Take frequent breaks from the news, the fridge, the couch and get outdoors to walk, stretch, skip or dance. I confess to indulging in comfort foods, cakes, cookies and more during this endless isolation. I hated getting out of bed in the morning. It was so easy to pull the covers back over my head when there was no where I had to go. For me, the losses left behind and the uncertainty of the weeks ahead brought on childish cravings for comfort.  Spiritual wisdom was no more than chirping crickets. When there seemed to be no end, I had it! I put on my "mom-hat and big girl pants" broke out of my cocoon and started moving!  Then came... Are we there yet?  Reminiscent of a kid waking from a nap in the backseat of the family SUV only to discover the destination was still a ways off.  It's been a journey but one of learning and growth and soon a new normal. 

As our area moves into phase 4 business-reopening, my work hours will change.  For this reason Heartcore Yoga is on hold for the summer.  I don't know what my hours will be. We're still not there. But as long as we're still here, that's something to be grateful for.  I'd like to keep in touch. If that works for you please join my FaceBook page: Pore To Core Beauty, or my Instagram: esthetician.on.a.mission.

Meanwhile, THANK YOU for your commitment to our Wednesday mornings. I pray you and those around you stay healthy, well and safe. I hope this ends soon and our new normal brings us back to practice.

Love, Peace and Blessing,